Stuck in a rut, time for action

After years of an ever-increasing dissatisfaction with my job it was time for action and time for change. Previous attempts to change my career direction were unsuccessful as the security of ‘sticking to what you know’ got the better of me, but at the end of 2014, things were different. I really had had enough; there was excessive moaning outside of work, a building resentment and a huge lack of fulfilment. The thought of still doing what I was doing in 5 years, or even a year filled me with dread. Of course this determination was hindered by a huge fear. A fear of breaking out of the comfort zone, and a realisation that trying something different may well mean failure and it definitely would mean the unknown.

Amongst this however I knew my mind was made up and to help me along the way I must give huge credit to Escape the City who has built a fantastic community of like-minded souls fighting to find work that fulfils their lives and something that relates to their passions..why shouldn’t we do something that we love (for at least most of the time!). Through the 3-month Escape Tribe course that I joined, I re-found a self-confidence that had been buried, I became a little bit more confortable with failure and I was reminded of the importance of actions… ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’ and learnt the importance of the hustle to open doors. For everyone out there who’s feeling stuck I highly recommend popping along to one of their talks!

For 2015 I had set myself two aims to fulfil; leave my job and move abroad for a new working experience. In February I finally gave in to my gut feeling and handed in my notice. At around this time I spotted an opportunity in Malawi which got me excited. I knew this is what I wanted to do and after contacting them, learned that the MD was over in a couple of weeks so I could meet him then. And so the hustle began…

From the beginning of May I was a free ranger, a confident leap of faith had been taken. No plan, no idea but at least I won’t be thinking ‘What if…..’

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