Welcome to Malawi…

And so it happened. With much determination and a little of perseverance, I got that role in Malawi for Malawian Style….

2 weeks in and all is very good. While there is still much more exploring to be done,  we’ve spent a weekend at the lake and over the past week and a half we’ve been embracing city working life in Lilongwe. I don’t want to overload you with the intricate details of what I had for breakfast etc so here is hopefully a fairly brief introduction of things, starting off with a few key facts about the country:

  1. Malawi has Carlsberg’s only brewery in Africa. Officially opened on December 14, 1968, Carlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited (CMBL) was the first Carlsberg brewery outside Denmark. Today it is the official beer of the Malawi National Football Team and is widely consumed. A bottle of Carlsberg is locally referred to as the “Green”.
  2. Lake Malawi occupies 1/5th of Malawi spanning 365 miles north to south by 52 miles wide – at the northern point it’s 700m deep making it one of the deepest lakes in the world. It also has the largest number of fish species than any lake in the world.
  3. Population of about 17 million, 53% are below the poverty line
  4. Malawi’s total area is about 45745.4 square miles which is slightly smaller than Greece,
  5. Local Currency is the Kwacha; with an exchange rate of about 1000 Kwacha to just over a pound you need to carry a large wallet to fit all the notes in…

Sources: Mail and Guardian Africa,

As a bit of background; I will predominantly be based in Lilongwe and am helping out a company called Malawian Style  also linked to South Luangwa Safaris with their general marketing and specifically website stuff. There is also a lodge called The Funky Cichlid at Lake Malawi about a 3 hr drive away which we can head to at weekends. This was in fact our first stop after we landed nearly 2 weeks ago ….as you can see from the pictures below it’s a pretty beautiful spot. Boating, swimming, kayaking –all in all a great beach vibe. Here’s a video edited by one of the fellow crew that sums up a weekend at the lake…not too shabby:

Back in Lilongwe we have been introduced to lots of people at various events from volleyball nights, jazz evenings, golf sponsorship days, Afropop dance sessions (African dancing– amazing!) and bbqs.

There are a few of us out here working on various aspects of the business from marketing to logistics to product development alongside the local team so it’s all quite varied and there is lots going on.

Today, Happy Friday everyone! we’re heading back over to the lake as we’ve all entered Cape Maclear Triathlon complete with rehydration celebration afterwards of course; should be interesting. The next weekend it’s the Lake of Stars Festival also based at the lake which is one of the ket dates in the Malawian diary. We’ve downloaded some of the music in preparation and are currently practising our moves…

There’s definitely a lot more exploring to be done, but here’s a few photos so far;

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