Piha Surf – No Rescue required

As with any move you get a renewed vitality and energy to try different things, pick up old hobbies and in this case, persevere to improve on sports that haven’t always been your friend. We’r e living in New Zealand, the sea is on our doorstep and so surfing is top of this list and we are determined to crack it however much it takes….

Piha is over on the West coast a good 45 minute drive from Auckland. In a previous week we had headed just North of this area to another beach called Muriwai. The winds were howling and the sky was grey creating one of those ominous days at the coast when you are reminded just how wild the sea can be. 15 foot waves were breaking and crashing into the cliff. We were sticking firmly to our walk along the beach, yet there were a large handful of kitesurfers embracing the winds for a spot of ‘gnarly’ (as the cool kids say riding time). It really was quite incredible watching them jump off the waves, metres into the air. One day….

2 weeks later and we’re back to Piha, taking on the surf…. well just a lesson. The number of people who have asked us if we’ve seen Piha Rescue is pretty disconcerting… they finish the conversations off with ‘good luck’.

Anyway what a beautiful beach. Helped by the fact that as we emerged to see coast, the clouds parted and and the golden rays of late afternoon sun shone through for an absolutely ideal afternoon in the sea. We were educated about the beach rips and general things just to be aware of and then off we went. Ok we weren’t surfing in the larger ‘text book’ waves at the back (we watched in awe at those that were) but we had a bloody great time and our instructor Felipe from Piha Surf Academy was fantastic. Yes we’re still probably beginners (progressing beginners) but we didn’t get swept away and despite the horror stories we very much survived the wilds of South Piha beach and will be heading back to perfect out surfing tekkers…

We’ve got a long way to go until we can talk the talk but in the end, all that matters is:



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