Nort Shore Marathon

‘It’s a shore thing’….

Nothing like a spontaneous half marathon to get that heart pumping and fitness regime started. And so we find ourselves on Takapuna Beach early Sunday morning, ready to embrace the day.

And what a lovely day it turned out to be. Blue sky, gorgeous sunshine, all surrounded by the beautifully clear sea.
This plus the many fantastic views did at least help to make to morning ‘jog’ a little more bearable…

takapunabeachviewStill haunted by the South Downs half marathon in Queen Elizabeth Country Park in the UK (honestly the hills are ridiculous) I was slightly fearful of this one, especially as Auckland isn’t exactly the flattest of places. The positive from dreading something so much has its benefits however as it is rarely as bad as you have imagined…

…While no records were set on the time front, it was actually a lot more enjoyable than I was anticipating. The hills were very much there but manageable and the legs and body put in a good effort at a fairly relaxed pace. I had time and energy to high five the volunteer organisers, take in the surroundings and enjoy the top 100 Spotify.

After the uphill finish (yes it was only a short uphill slope, but really – that’s a mean finish) people were relaxing on the beach and grass, getting reduced rate sports massages, kids were taking part in the 5km fun-fun, dogs were being walked – it was a lovely atmosphere.

Of course there’s no better way to cool off,and also reduce the chances of waking up unable to move, than a dip in the winter sea. The sun is deceiving – tricking us in to thinking it could be summer, alas no, the water was pretty ‘chilled’ but perfect.

Great event with a real community, welcoming spirit. Thank you to all the organisers who I’m sure put a lot of their own time into making it happen. And it was an early start…I have to give a particular hats off to the Marathon distance runners (and organisers)  who were there before sunrise for a 6am start.

Yes we felt smug. Work for the day was done and time to find a cafe, sit outside and order some food!

First sporting challenge in Auckland tick – and we will be entering the next soon. Watch this space…




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