Dance like nobody’s watching…

..and that is exactly what I did! A dark room full of people all with the same aim – to dance like a crazy person for an hour all in the safety and knowledge that no-one can see you. No I wasn’t drunk, this was a Monday evening and what better way to start the week!

I have been missing that feeling of a good ole dance. Although in London we didn’t often necessarily head out for the clubbing scene, the frequency of weddings or spontaneous nights in B@1 had allowed for plenty of sweaty dancing with friends, even if slightly inebriated. Back in Malawi everyday could have been a dance day as the Africans passion for music is quite magical . Oh how I miss dancing to those funky booty shaking beats on the beach.

But no fear, Auckland has got a solution! No Lights, No Lycra was started by a couple of dance students in Melbourne, centred around the belief that everyone can dance and your own personal style of movement and expression should be celebrated in an environment of absolutely no judgement. It’s now a global community with dance meetings all around the world. The music is varied so whatever your taste there’ll be something for you to embrace, you may even discover a suppressed loved dancing to a bit of drum and bass. It was busy, all ages, men and women and everyone was going for it. Granted I was slightly apprehensive and how it might work, especially as I had ventured there alone. I had visions of everyone having mini dance offs in groups etc and me standing on the edge like an awkward teenager at a school disco. But when those lights go off everyone is in it for themselves and although you may find yourself initially slightly wooden or grinning as your mind wanders to imagine how that lady may be pumping out to the this techno dance track, you very quickly lose all inhibitions and embrace the very reason why you’re here; a freedom of dancing and expression for all – who cares what you look like!  Informal, unpretentious and most importantly fun (whilst a bit ridiculous). Great.

These ‘rave’ style workouts have become popular in cities all over the world in the last 5 years. Morning Gloryville, which originated in London and is also now a global phenomenon, celebrates the opportunity to ‘rave your way into the day’ – get up embrace the day and have a feel-good, stress busting dance before you head off to that boring Monday meeting… just make sure you can hide the shimmering glitter from your cheeks. Again, no such alcohol in sight but smoothie bars, fresh coffee and free massages to really give you the ideal start to the day. It doesn’t matter what you wear, fancy dress is celebrated, be silly, be a little bit zany and you will have never felt more energised and ready to ‘take on the world’.

So if you’re feeling the need for a bit of fun and fancy trying something a bit different check out their websites to find your closest dance session, or better still, if it doesn’t exist already, be the one to set up and manage one of these epic dance session in your area.

I will definitely be back, and my aim is to convince Adam to come along too although I am not sure how easy this will be….


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