Packing and stacking, be prepared

As we all know flats in London are often slightly strapped for storage space. This shortage lends itself to the opportunity  of maintaining a’streamline’ approach and living a minimalist life.. well apparently not. After 3 years in the Mighty mezzanine the amount of sh*t that we had managed to collect was quite remarkable. The time had come not just move out but to move across the world. It was time to get ruthless.

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‘Lake-side’; work, sport, play

So another couple of weeks has flown by and lots has been going on…

The other day I re-posted my friend Lauren’s brilliant summary of the Cape Maclear Triathlon which was the perfect overview of a great weekend. It was refreshing to be part of an event with a slightly more ‘laissez-faire’ air about it. The organisers had done an amazing job with transforming the venue (a large abandoned lodge resort that felt like it could be a perfect party venue, Ibiza stylee) and getting the course sorted. We were ready; pre-swim the water was scoured for crocodiles (don’t worry they don’t tend to hang around these waters ;-)! )… Continue reading

Welcome to Malawi…

And so it happened. With much determination and a little of perseverance, I got that role in Malawi for Malawian Style….

2 weeks in and all is very good. While there is still much more exploring to be done,  we’ve spent a weekend at the lake and over the past week and a half we’ve been embracing city working life in Lilongwe. I don’t want to overload you with the intricate details of what I had for breakfast etc so here is hopefully a fairly brief introduction of things, starting off with a few key facts about the country: Continue reading

Stuck in a rut, time for action

After years of an ever-increasing dissatisfaction with my job it was time for action and time for change. Previous attempts to change my career direction were unsuccessful as the security of ‘sticking to what you know’ got the better of me, but at the end of 2014, things were different. I really had had enough; there was excessive moaning outside of work, a building resentment and a huge lack of fulfilment. The thought of still doing what I was doing in 5 years, or even a year filled me with dread. Of course this determination was hindered by a huge fear. A fear of breaking out of the comfort zone, and a realisation that trying something different may well mean failure and it definitely would mean the unknown. Continue reading