Spontaneous Pinnacles

What else is there to do on a wet and windy Sunday? Brunching and newspaper reading, film watching with a warm cuppa…. Or as we have found ourselves doing quite a lot, embracing Mother Nature and getting out there. There’s nothing more revitalising than a day of fresh weather elements to set you up for the week.

This time we’re off to The Coromandel area to do the Pinnacles walk. A couple of our friends have recommended this to us and apart from that we hadn’t really done so much reading about it.

At under a 2 hour drive from Auckland it’s another great option for a day trip from the city and to get that heart pumping with a bit of tramping. Located in the Kaueranga valley the hike takes you through the mountainous landscapes of one of the Coromandel mountains ranges.

Historically this stepped pathway would have been used by packhorses back in the 1900’s to transport supplies up to the Kauri loggers as well as help with the carrying of natural resources up and down the mountains.

Day walk or overnight trip? We did it as a day trip and it was a good 6 hour hike