Pedalling to Paris


Having done one 60 mile cycle back in May I felt more than ready to take on the Team Bryant Cycle to Paris Challenge at the end of July. “Never, never, never give up!” In the end it came at quite a good time. I had some-what exhausted my ‘job searching’ enthusiasm and was beginning to feel a bit despondent about what was next both in the short-term temping situation and also in the longer-term picture. Some time out of London focusing on something else would be just the ticket to clear the mind.

Roll up, roll up…. a crew of 20 peeps, organised by the very patient and highly tolerable (most of the time) Olly and James, into Kennington Tesco’s car park bright and early on Wednesday July 22nd; lycra at the ready kind off (unfortunately the team lycra had still not found its way to us but after much ‘kerfuffle it did appear.)

3 days, 300 miles (due to navigational and Garmin issues!), great roads (hillier than expected, lucky lunching and a couple of fantastic nights celebrating in Paris.

Highlights, lowlights:

  • Diversion onto the dual carriageway on the final leg to Dover, 2 punctures and 30 minutes until the ferry. Hurrah for ferry delays. This gave us another hour to fix the punctures and find an alternative route away from the lorries roaring past us.
  • Nick at the traffic lights within a small town; distracted by an attractive looking lady in a car Nick forgets to click out of his pedals resulting in a comedy side fall in front of the lady he’s hoping to impress. Mega fail! #smooth.
  • Getting to 3pm, day 2 with 70k still to go. Never trust a Garmin….
  • So much sugar!
  • Team lap of victory and photo shoot around Notre Dame….and tourists thinking we are part of the Tour de France.
  • Moggy’s dad for being amazing with the support van – legend.
  • Duck Gizzard salad, enough said
  • Jaegarbombs with fire!
  • Bar dancing, champagne and more fire
  • Train journeys with fellow rose wine fans…..drink the train dry.

Looking forward to the next cycle challenge!